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Sanitas International transforms into Keralty to reinforce its international positioning

With the integration of all its brands under Keralty, Organización Sanitas Internacional goes a step further in its mission of contributing to permanent health improvement. The expansion in America, Europe and Asia experienced in the last years have led the organization to unify the brands under which it nowadays operates in several countries. Consequently, Keralty represents the beginning of this group’s global image transformation process. The objective: consolidate its international positioning through a closer image that will allow the group to communicate its values and know-how in a more simple and effective way reaching more people worldwide.

Derived from the term 'care', the new brand Keralty is born as the symbol of a modern, professional and comprehensive health management, able to combine global presence with unique and personalized attention, always adapted to each patient’s needs. Through the ‘marriage’ of science and ethics, excellence and high-quality standards, commitment and dedication or delicacy and attention to details, the organization has been able to develop over all these years an own health model which provides patients close and careful attention at the same time that guarantees agile and efficient management. All this, within a context of permanent transformation and evolution inherent to health and life itself.

In this way, Keralty has allowed the company to synthesize its innovative healthcare management model in a unique concept, offering as well a more comprehensive and modern image that emphasizes the ability of the organization to respond in a timely and effectively manner to those health challenges in different geographic areas.