Un grupo en expansión constante a lo largo de sus más de 50 años de experiencia


A group in permanent expansion along its more than 50 years of experience


Establishment of Sanitas in Spain

Sanitas is born in Spain focusing its activity in health sector.

Nace ColSanitas en Colombia

ColSanitas is born in Colombia

The first steps of Sanitas Internacional in Latin America took place in Colombia with the creation of the ColSanitas health care attention company shich established in the country a new private voluntary insurance model known as Prepaid Medicine. This was the first step for the creation of a hospital and an administrative infrastructure that today covers all the country.

Creación de Clínica ColSanitas

Creation of Clinica ColSanitas

The first ColSanitas clinic was opened in Colombia. Nowadays, Clínica ColSanitas is one of the biggest private health service network in Colombia composed by 56 medical and odontology institutions. 

Inauguración de la Clínica Reina Sofía

Inauguration of Clínica Reina Sofía

Clínica Reina Sofía was inaugurated in October 1992, starting its activity in January 1993. Its construction process was carried out to provide the latest facilities and technological equipment, services and care to guarantee patients a pleasant stay. 



Creación de MediSanitas

Creation of MediSanitas

In the same year, MediSanitas is created becoming the second pre-paid healthcare company of Sanitas Internacional in Colombia. Today, MediSanitas is a prepaid medicine company present in seven Colombian cities with more than 100 affiliated clinics that include 1.200 health professionals. 

Nacimiento de EPS Sanitas

EPS Sanitas is created

EPS Sanitas appeared as a response to the Colombian Social Security System in order to guarantee the attention of Mandatory Health Plan (POS – Law 100 of 1993). To accomplish the services included in this plan, EPS Sanitas includes an extend network of affiliated doctors, technology and infrastructure that conform a medical box distributed along the whole country.

Fundación Sanitas

Establishment of Sanitas Foundation

The creation of Sanitas Foundation constitutes the birth of a non-profit entity dedicated to the improvement of limited resourced people’s life conditions.

Llegada de Sanitas Internacional a Venezuela

Sanitas Internacional arrives to Venezuela

Sanitas Internacional enters Venezuela's pre-paid medicine business covering, among other services, external medical consultation in all specialties hospitalization, maternity and surgery (scheduled and emergency); access to Clinisanitas, Odontosanitas, Oftalmosanitas and Farmasanitas services and home medical consultation and hospitalization.

Fundación Universitaria Sanitas (UniSanitas)

Fundación Universitaria Sanitas (UniSanitas)

Focused on Health Sciences and aligned with our group's strategy, UniSanitas University is a private institution that educates annually more than 1.200 professionals in Medicine, Nursing, Psychology and Administration, with extensive programs of specialization, research and executive and continuous education in health.

Nace ColSanitas Perú

Creation of ColSanitas in Peru

The creation of ColSanitas Peru EPS enables the exportation of Sanitas Internacional's private medical care to this country. The company strives to promote and innovate the healthcare system in Peru replicating its successful comprehensive medical care private model. Nowadays, it operates in 28 cities with a network of 219 providers and a private medical center (Arequipa).

Sanitas Internacional llega a Brasil

Sanitas Internacional arrives to Brazil

The group entered in Brazil through the acquisition of Universal Saúde in 2011. Later, it consolidated its presence with the buyout of Vitallis in December 2013. In 2016, both companies will merge and operate under Vitallis brand.

Presencia en Estados Unidos

Arrival to the United States

Sanitas Internacional enters in the USA through a joint venture with Guidewell (Florida Blue). In 2014 the group opens its first CliniSanitas in the United States. Its goal for the next years consists on the development of a broad Clinisanitas network to provide ambulatory healthcare services to 5 million people throughout the United States.

CliniSanitas Mexico

CliniSanitas Mexico is created

This is the year of the Solidary Health Coverage Plan Project in Mexico. The agreement consists on launching in 2016 three primary care centers based on the solidary health product. In Mexico, the aim is to become country's leading group in primary healthcare provision with a 10 year target of 5 million members.

Expansión en Asia

Expansion in Asia

Sanitas Internacional starts its expansion in Asian continent establishing in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam where is developing several projects.

Apertura de tres nuevos centros en Miami

Opening of three new centers in Miami

As part of Florida Blue CliniSanitas, in October 2015 the group opens three new centers in Miami area: Doral, Kendall and Miami Lakes. These centers offer a large variety of services in one point.